About us

GLOS trademark was registered by the Target group of companies in 2011.

The modern technical and design developments in lighting technologies inspire us to create products under this brand. This has led to the creation of goods for the holiday, based on use of LEDs. Some Items of this brand are not incorporate LEDs, but have the same attitude to the festive lighting.

Lighting design has virtually unlimited opportunities. It may be used for decorating the houses, doors, roofs, facades, staircases and shrubsas well as for placing of emphasis in the overall picture of decor.

  • From the standpoint usefulness to the buyer GLOS Illumination Expert is the products that are deeply thought out and meet "to the expert" quality. These may be used as a finished standard elements for festive decoration.
  • The products under the brand name GLOS are unique and different from others presented on the Russian market.
  • Commodity is manufactured by using leading LED technologys and meets the requirements of the Russian Federation.
  • Simple and understandable instructions in Russian.
  • The safety and easy of use.
  • Esthetics and packaging design, quality of the products itself.

We are proud to offer you our new design ideas - Symphony of Light 10, Light Symphony 30, Symphony of light 100 and coloured flame teacandles with the candlestick.

For the best submission we have developed a sales equipment where goods can be delivered directly to the shops in various formats, which significantly simplifies the logistics and allows to set commodity in any place of the store without taking up an extra shelves.